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Breast Surgery Fees & Financing

We understand you just want to know how much your breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, or liposuction will cost, but we need to know a few things about you first. Are you a good candidate for the procedure, what size implants do you desire, or how much breast tissue will be removed…that sort of thing. You can relax though, because we’ll be able to quote you a price for your procedure during your consultation with one of our surgeons. And, whatever the quoted price, you can save more when you click the link to the right to request a printable savings certificate.


The South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery with locations in Fort Lauderdale, like most other elective healthcare facilities, is committed to assisting clients find the most appropriate payment method for their procedure. Your personal consultant at the Center can help you look at all the alternatives that are available. These includes:


The Center always accepts cash payments which are the easiest and least expensive way to pay for your surgery procedure.

Cashier Check/Money Order

The Center accepts both cashier checks and money orders for all cosmetic surgery procedures.

Credit Card

The Center accepts most major credit cards including Master Card. Visa, American Express and Discover Card.


CareCredit healthcare financing

We are proud to offer CareCredit healthcare financing. CareCredit is a national leader in healthcare financing and is as easy to use as a credit card. You simply apply online and once approved you can use CareCredit to pay for your cosmetic procedure or other healthcare needs. Applying online is even easier using the online form…decisions take only minutes, so get started now! If you need help completing the application, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Other Financing

The Center currently works with four third party financing companies. Each of these companies provides instant approval for cosmetic surgery financing based upon your credit score. Currently, the Center offers clients financing options through CareCredit,MedChoice Financial, SurgeryLoans, and MyMedicalLoan.

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College Student Special

Bring in your College student ID and receive $100 off our lowest price. Financing requires an approved credit score or an authorized co-signer. All special promotional prices must be secured with a deposit.